Puzzle Box!

We've got a puzzle for every personality by some of the best artists in the world!

  • "Wings of the World" 300 pc. Wildlife artist Charley Harper came by his love of nature as a child growing up in rural West Virginia. With his distinctive use of geometric shapes, patterns, and vivid colors, Harper created images filled with color, motion, and fun. 

  • The "Owl" 500 pc.  Artist Jay Burch finds inspiration in nature and often works from life to capture subtle moods. This vibrant painting portrays an owl she rescued and spent time with during its recovery. 

  • "Mandela Fruit Tree" 500 pc. - Artist and teacher Paul Heussenstamm’s vibrant sacred art often features his signature motif, the mandala, a mystical symbol many see as a doorway to the soul.

  • "Seventeen Cats" 300 pc.  No two cats stand, sit, stretch, or snooze quite the same way. The relaxed residents of 82 Maple Street were drawn by Edward St. John Gorey, an illustrator and writer whose imagination produced dancing elephants, doomed ballerinas, heaps of lost umbrellas, and far more.
  • "Garden Border" 500 pc.  A simple masterpiece by Rosalind Wise whose canvases turned to fields, meadows, and gardens, where, in her words, “the human footprint is at a minimum.”
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