About Us

Whether it was a loving note in your lunch box, a gift wrapped perfectly with ribbon, your favorite home cooked meal or just being there for a comforting hug – loved ones have always known how to bring a smile to our faces. Today, there are so many ways to stay connected but it can still be a challenge when you're juggling a career, carpools, doctor's appointments or just trying to figure out what's for dinner. At Lemon Drop Gifts, we want to make it as simple as possible to brighten her day whether she’s across the country or just across town.

Each Lemon Drop Gift box is unique because it includes a handpicked photograph and personal note from you. Our inspiration for this comes from our mother.  Each December she would cherish the letters and pictures that came from family and friends – the true gifts of the season as far as she was concerned.  Your photograph and note are a simple, personalized and special way to spread a little joy all year-round, because nothing can surprise and delight like an unexpected package sent from the heart…“just because”.

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